Sunday, May 22, 2011

Advice to future 'art historyers'

Although it may seem overwhelming to distinguish your Monet from your Manet, your Van Der Goes from your Van Der Weyden, your Bellini from your Bernini...... don't stress, Mr. Lovell will get you ready.

But if that's not enough reassurance, here's a couple more tips from a former 'art historyer:'

- Make your cards ahead of time, meaning glue on the pictures, write the basic information(artists, title, dates, material...etc), and have them in order with style cards before class. That way you can write while Mr. Lovell is talking and not have to worry about the basics.
- Do the study guides -- if you know the info on them, you're golden (especially for the AP)
- Baron's book is great review before tests (it gives you characteristics and innovations of every art period + overview of history + the main works from each period)
- Use Stricklen's books, they're really helpful (especially if you need comparison charts)
- The more you look at a piece of art, the better you will remember it. Make yourself take a good look at each piece when filling out your note cards, otherwise you probably wont remember it..
- As a extremely visual learner, making a big time-line of all the art periods + history + and important pieces of art was super helpful. That way i could visually see the changes in art overtime..
- But most of all = don't stress, have fun, it's just art after all :)

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